This Camera is better than an iPhone.

Girl w camera at Art exhibitHave you noticed how more and more we live our life through a lens?

I am certainly guilty of it myself. I need to be able to remember the special moments in my life, the smiles, the faces, the colours, the happy times. I need to capture them on camera because I fear I will not remember. I want to be able to share them with my friends and family and I fear I will not be able to do that if I cannot show them the pictures I took. So I spend a fair amount of time, out of living my life, to actually photograph it.

Have you noticed how often parents stop playing with their children to photograph them having fun thus removing themselves from the fun and from the emotional memory?

How often people, after taking a photo of an event they just lived, take more time out of the moment to look at how this event looks like on their mini screen?


We are becoming spectators of our own life.

I recently went out for a walk and realised that I didn’t have my camera. The initial panic over, I decided not to take any photos but to try and remember with my eyes, my senses and my heart instead. I watched, I observed, I felt and later, I wrote what I had just seen. Afterwards when people read my words, they could picture what I had seen and felt and loved it more than any photos I could have shown them.

I would therefore recommend that when we are spending time with our children and our friends we do not step out of the moments to take more photos than we will ever possibly be able to look at (if we also want to live our life at the same time). I propose we all try to go out without any cameras, we do not use our smart phones and instead, stay connected with the moment and feel the emotions.

From now on when we live our life, let’s try to remember it with the best camera ever: our hearts.

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