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Morning Chaos or How to get to School on Time

    It’s back to school season! I am always sad to see the end of the holidays, but I also like that time of year because it is an opportunity to make new resolutions and to set new routines in place.   Morning routines tend to be chaotic for most families and unfortunately,...

Chinese Kindergarten Students in Uniform

Choosing the right school

Choosing the right school is a daunting process. All parents are in search of the best place for their children. This is evident in the number of parents who attend the annual Beijing Kids School Fair each Spring or any other fair around the World for that matter. I remember moving to a...

NYT- sad, angry

Social Emotional Literacy

All feelings are ok – how we interpret and deal with them may not always be. Research has shown that emotions can either enhance or hinder our ability to work and learn. They affect our attention and our memory. If we are very anxious about something, or agitated, we can’t...