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Mother Begs Son to Come Home for Chinese New Year

For families who live far apart, the New Year celebrations are usually preceded by much anticipation of warm reunions, hugs, laughter and too much good food. Regardless of our cultural background it can be either a pleasure to go home, an obligation or it can be a dreaded nightmare (as...

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Things I wish I knew before my Baby was born

Read books. Acquire the knowledge but most importantly arm yourself with the confidence that the parental instinct that bonds you with your baby is the most important thing and the basis for any parenting decisions. Take one last trip “à deux” before baby comes but plan it early enough if...

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Parent Visitors for Hire

Following the publication last Autumn of a new version of the “Paradigm of filial piety” a new Chinese government law came into effect on July 1st. This law which “firmly encourages” children to visit their parents once a year has given chinese entrepreneurs a new opportunity for business. It did...