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3 babies in hutong

What I love about Beijing

        I went for a walk in my neighborhood on a mid Summer evening and here is a vignette of what I saw:   The family giving their 4 guinea pigs a taste of fresh grass, each on a bright red leash. The group of Grannies chatting...


Baby Blues and Mummy’s Dreams

You did everything you thought you should do to prepare for the birth of your child. You read the parenting books, you ate healthy food, you rested, you exercised, you prepared the nursery, you even found names that you and your partner could both agree on. Then your life took...

Lotus Flower in Beihai Park Beijing

Poem on Children

    In his book “THE PROPHET”, Kahlil Gibran has written poems which have inspired me in times of doubt. I find this essay on “Children” calming.  It brings me peace and direction on days when I feel lost and confused.       Your children are not your children. They are...