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Not too scary Halloween – Please

Halloween is a very popular celebration in North America, which many countries around the world have tried to adopt, more or less successfully. It is a major commercial venture but it can be a lot of fun too, provided we bear in mind that not every child likes to dress...

Girl w camera at Art exhibit

This Camera is better than an iPhone.

Have you noticed how more and more we live our life through a lens? I am certainly guilty of it myself. I need to be able to remember the special moments in my life, the smiles, the faces, the colours, the happy times. I need to capture them on camera...

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Babies on Airplanes

Parents flying with babies know how important it is to plan ahead and be prepared for every eventuality. It is essential to bring supplies of food and nappies, medicine and toys along with buggy and car seat. One traveling couple made the news with they innovative idea. They had apparently won...