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ABOUT: Lyliane is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a teacher and a mother of two. She is passionate about psychology and education and the founder of

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For parents of children of all ages.

Do you sometimes feel discouraged by the lack of harmony within your family? Is there too much nagging and shouting and not enough cooperation between you and your children? Are there days when you just don’t know what to do anymore to avoid power struggles?

In this interactive introduction to Positive Parenting we will look at what motivates children to misbehave according to psychologists Adler and Dreikurs.

We will practice simple tools that will enable you to respectfully encourage your children to develop self-discipline, cooperation, problem solving skills and self-confidence.

We will explore effective alternatives to punishment and look at strategies that can help you be the positive and kind, but not permissive, parent you want to be.



Are you expecting?  Are you daunted by the responsibilities that come with bringing up a child?  Do you worry that you are missing the “instructions manual”?  Would you like to meet other parents in the same situation?

This two hours interactive introduction to parenting will give you a starting point for discussions to have with your partner about the type of parents you want to be and help you create the foundation for a harmonious family. We will look at how our own upbringing, our cultural background and our values influence our parenting style.

We will explore strategies that can help create a positive, collaborative and emotionally aware family environment without the use of punishment, as inspired by psychologists Adler and Dreikurs.

We will look at tools that will help you bring up happy, curious, problem solving children keen to learn and to behave responsibly.

Please note that the focus will be on the educational and emotional aspect of the parent-child relationship, not on childbirth, newborn care or medical issues.


Participants are saying:

It was a great workshop and I feel that I learnt so much, I still hope I can hold that information somewhere for when I have children someday.

(Single young woman)



Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and there are times when we feel overwhelmed with the challenges presented by our children.

The Positive Parenting philosophy (based on the work of psychologists Adler and Dreikurs) states that the ultimate need of all human beings is to feel a sense of belonging and significance which, if it isn’t met, leads to various inappropriate behaviours.

In this series of 4 interactive workshops spread over a month we will discuss and explore Positive Parenting strategies that apply to your challenges. We will also practice non-punitive, respectful, kind and firm solutions that help us help our children become cooperative, responsible and self-confident young people.

Each session includes:

–  in depth discussion on positive parenting concepts, child development and communication

–  interactive activities to experience new tools and increase awareness between parenting styles

–  problem solving exercise to enable participants to identify alternative solutions to a current parenting challenge


Parents are saying:

“I’ve been more conscious on how I talk to my daughter and it seems to have improved :)
I think about you when I get through to her :)”
(Mother of 5 and 2 year olds)



A themed seminar.

Digital technology has taken over the world and we are not prepared for the enormous amount of stress it is adding to our relationships with our children and to our responsibility as parents.

Screens and computer games are here to stay, we have to learn how to regulate the time our children and ourselves spend in front of them.

During this 2 hour interactive workshop we will discuss and practice positive parenting strategies that can help us manage screen time in a kind and firm way, by looking for solutions and not punishments.

We will look at how screen usage alters the brain, how addiction alters the behaviour, how to validate the child’s feelings of frustration, how to set effective limits and follow through, how to turn the daily power struggles into problem solving and agreements etc..

Each participant will go home with a list of tools to help their family find a screen time balance that suits and to keep the family harmony.


Parents are saying:

” Un grand merci pour le workshop d’hier. Tu m’as donné de très bonnes idées pour “retrouver” mes enfants que je sens complètement absorbés par  l’informatique.

(Mother of 12, 15 & 21 year olds)



Parents are saying:

“Hi Lyliane! I’ve thought of you and your advice for parents of grade 12s so much this year, it’s helped me lots when I thought I was going crazy!”

(Mother of 2 teen boys)

“Thank you so much – your words of wisdom are a great comfort and help me to put things in perspective.”

(Mother of teen girl)

“Thank you Lyliane! Poignant, wise and some good reminders for us as parents.”

(Mother of 3 teen and young adults)

“Once again Lyliane, you have helped our minds and souls as well. Thank you!”

(Mother of 3)


“Dear Lyliane, Thanks so much, as ever for your detailed and comforting news out to parents.”

(School counsellor)


“Dear Lyliane, Thank you for your candid and, as always, sensitivity and concern.”



“Dear Lyliane,

Thank you so much for your mail.  It warm everybody’s heart like a cup of warm tea, we really need to take a deep breath and watch with our eyes and more hugging.  You are so right.  I am going to pass those messages to all of my friend who need this kind of support!  Thanks”

(Mother of teen boy)


“Lyliane,  You are a guiding light for us all. Thank you very much for your words of inspiration!”

(Mother of 3)


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