Parent Visitors for Hire

Following the publication last Autumn of a new version of the “Paradigm of filial piety” a new Chinese government law came into effect on July 1st. This law which “firmly encourages” children to visit their parents once a year has given chinese entrepreneurs a new opportunity for business.

It did not take long for vendors on taobao (chinese ebay) to offer to visit your parents for you!

This could turn into a very profitable business  since it is estimated that by the end of 2013 the number of people above 60 years old will be 200 million, of whom 45% no longer get to see their children or only once a year at ChunJie (Chinese New Year).

Societal pressure to fulfill family duties is very strong in China. Unfortunately it seems that even if they wanted to, often young workers simply cannot afford to travel back to their hometown to visit their parents, which makes this law inapplicable. And for those who could afford to pay a visit to their families, but who not find the time, a Parent Visitor hire service might be just what they need to relieve their  conscience (but that is unlikely to fill their emotional cup the way Confucius probably intended a family visit to do).


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