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about-us-babyKids in the House is an educational website that contains the largest parenting video library in the world.

It was set up for parents who do not have much time to read all the books they wish to read (that is most of us) and still want to find that one little tip to help them through a parenting challenge.

Some 450 leading educators, psychologists, doctors, authors and parents have been interviewed in series of short videos grouped in topics ranging from baby to high school kids.

You will recognise some well known experts such as: Dan Siegel (Parenting from the Inside Out), Gordon Neufeld (Hold on to your Kids), John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are form Venus), Dr Shefali Tsabary (Conscious Parenting), Dr Laura Markham, (Aha Parenting) and you will find many others worth discovering.  These videos are purposely short to fit in the busy lives of parents and the site is easy to search.

This comprehensive and award winning website was launched in 2013 by Leana Greene. Herself a parent of three, who had been looking for this type of quick and easy-to-use resource and decided to create it herself!

These videos are VERY short (under 2 min) and well worth listening to, so sign up for free at and start browsing.





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